Saturday, April 11, 2009

Introducing yet another new resident :)

As I'm sure I've mentioned at some point - My Mom moved in with us last fall. Yup this means we have 6 people in under 1000 square feet of home but, surprisingly, it's gone really well and everyone is happy. Since Mom is in not well enough to work anymore and is only a few years from getting old age pension anyway when she asked if she could get a small dog I said that was fine.

Yes I know I said two dogs wouldn't work, that's why we had to get rid of Bobby. However since this dog is not huge and not my responsibility it is not a problem. W has been with us for a week and is super cute. S has even played with him(very gently I might add) and everyone loves him. Of course who couldn't love a puppy!! :)

So here's W - we think he looks like an Ewok :)
This is the best shot(even if it's crooked) - super cute, W owns the cute :)

Now that you're all in diabetic shock from the sweet :) Here's some shots of W with other family members:With little M.

With big dog S :)

M cat is still hissing at W whenever he sees him - if I remember right it took M about a month to adjust to having S here so there is still hope.

And what pet blog would be complete without a shot of just S :)

Little M took the cutest vid of W so I have to share that - because moving puppies are even cuter than still puppies :)

Happy Easter!

Cass :)


Jennifer said...

Awwwwwwwwwww!! Super cute, and so is M's accent! I wish I spoke like that :P (I keep getting called American/Canadian though so I'm half way there! [Though I don't know what part they think I'm from because I do not in any way think I sound either!!!]) My dad calls me a snob because I do not sound Scouse (Liverpudlian)like I should!!

Cassandra said...

hehe I was thinking "M doesn't have an accent!!" then I realized to you she would :) :)

You can hear my Mom and I talking in the background - mostly me, I hate the sound of my voice on tape :) I'm talking about how normally the lighting in the vids the camera takes is bad.